About Ian

Hi! I'm a Boston-based photographer of Architecture and Interiors. Originally from Northwest Indiana, I shipped up to Boston for my Master's in Architecture over a decade ago and have since called it home. I've always had an interest in photography; mostly automotive, abstracts, and fine art. During the course of my studies, I developed a love for the art and craft of photographing the built environment and...here we are!

As a result of my studies and as a designer myself, I'm easy to coordinate with. I am proficient both behind the lens and behind the monitor. Despite taking optimal captures in the field, detailed editing must still be completed on each image to bring it up to the standards that I stand by. I generally work by bracketing several ambient frames and including flash frames as necessary (keeping in mind the actual lighting design and conditions). I then combine these in post by manually compositing and blending different pieces of each exposure to complete one final image.

What makes architectural photography so satisfying for me is the attention to detail, precision and fine level of control required to produce a top-notch image that captures the design and conveys feel of the space. Previous clients include SMMA | Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, Spagnolo Gisness & Associates and Pacheco Robb Architects. I am also involved with photographing events for Canstruction and the ACE Mentoring Program.

When I'm not editing into the wee hours, I'm also passionate about design in general. I've dabbled in everything from graphic design to custom vehicles (I ride a home-built motorcycle) to jewelry (I someday want to design a mechanical watch, and have made several smaller pieces). 

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